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Hilary Clinton: Senator Clinton Continues Push for Iranian-American Scholar’s Release; Amnesty International Vigil Held at UN

On June 27th, Senator Hillary Clinton issued a statement further condemning the detention of imprisoned Iranian-American academic, Haleh Esfandiari and her colleagues Parnaz Azima, Dr Kian Tajbakhsh, and Ali Shakeri.     In her statement issued on Wednesday, Senator Clinton wrote:     “I am saddened and dismayed by the continued detention of Dr. Haleh […]

Do Arabs Experience Antisemitism? (Part 2-Arab Americans)

In part 1 of this post, I discussed the scapegoating and oppression of Palestinians within an “antisemitism” framework. I referenced the zine “The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Antisemitism Part of All of Our Movements.” I also added the following disclaimer, which applies to this post as well: I often struggle with finding […]

Riots Rock Tehran After Petrol Rationing Implemented

Iranians riot in reaction to petrol rationing by Kamin Mohammadi in London     Tehran’s petrol stations were aflame with protests last night. Although petrol rations have been expected for a few months, with phase one starting ten days ago with government vehicles, their implementation sparked furious riots in which petrol stations were set on […]

Protesting Norman Finkelstein’s Tenure Denial; or, Academic Freedom Declines across the U.S. – Part II

By Dr. Terri Ginsberg NEW YORK: 26 June 2007, (Arabisto.com): As U.S.-backed military actions in the Middle East become increasingly destructive, with thousands of Arab and Muslim civilians dead at the hands of allied troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Palestinians suffering to an unprecedented degree under brutal Israeli occupation, scholarly intellectuals have become increasingly […]

Stoning Verdict Overturned

The latest news seems to be that an order from the head of Judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi, has overturned the stoning verdict.

Scholarship for Arab American Media Makers

ACCESS is providing 16 scholarships for Arab Americans to join hundreds of independent media-makers and social justice activists from around the country taking part in the 9th Annual Allied Media Conference (AMC), from June 22-24 in Detroit. The AMC provides three days of hands-on media training, accessible discussions and fun gatherings, with the goal of […]

Is Abbas the new Mubarak?

So, let me see if I understand this.  Hamas kicks Fateh’s ass in Gaza, and somehow this is portrayed as a victory for Fateh?  Abbas, being the loyalist to his party and bank account, immdiately suspends parliament and swears in one of his buddies as prime minister, then has the nerve to refer to the […]

Running Out of Time

I am running out of something, besides the ozone layer, oil, the middle class gap, and my hairline. I’m running out of time. They say the end times will come when the days get shorter – is it the end of time? 7:30 am – Baby wakes up, we bring him to our bed from […]

Do Arabs Experience Antisemitism? (Part 1-Palestinians)

Reading and seeing pieces of the various wars being waged on the Palestinian people, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the treatment of European Jews prior to the Holocaust. As I said in a comment to this post: i always stay skeptical when people compare palestinian and jewish experiences, because a lot of times […]

Iraq: Everyone’s dodging the major issue

The key issue the candidates should be discussing about Iraq is not the way they voted in 2002 , nor whether the U.S. “surge” of 38,000 U.S. troops should continue after September. All this talk is just shadow play—missing (I would say, purposely) the heart of the matter.   Over the past week, spokesmen for […]

The Dis-Honor of Murder

In this ever-changing world of technology and scientific advancement, it’s hard to imagine any convenience that hasn’t already been created or is in the process of being formed. Lights turn on with the clap of a hand; electronic cars freely roam the streets; computers are no longer a novelty – but an absolute necessity in […]

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