‘Please don’t chop us up…’

On May 3, the Iranian website Baztab reported: "Forty days after the arrest of the British sailors, an informed source has disclosed the unsaid about the incident to Baztab. The informed source said: When the British sailors were arrested; there were no translator in the first group of Iranian captors. The British sailors, however, kept asking for something. When the translator arrived, it turned out that the British sailors were asking the Iranians not to chop them off and eat the alive. At this point some of the British naval personnel were so scared that they lost their control and made themselves dirty. Also, when the British forces were at the airport to be transferred to Tehran, an official cleric, who was present at the airport, said that the sailors were infidels and had to be tried and punished. The group in charge of transferring the personnel opposed the comments made by the cleric and this led to an argument, which made the British sailors more scared. It is also worth mentioning that in order not to use blindfolds, the Iranians used sunglasses and blankets to block the view of the British forces when transferring them to Evin Prison." - Baztab, Iran

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About Kamin Mohammadi

Kamin Mohammadi is an Iranian writer, journalist, broadcaster and commentator who lives in London where she moved after leaving Iran as a child. She specialises in writing about Iran, particularly modern society. She is passionate about bringing out the human elements of the stories we see, or more often don’t see, in the news. To this end she has published major pieces on the after effects of the Iran-Iraq war, drug addiction and AIDS in Iran, the innocent civilian victims of chemical bombardments, sexual politics and even the Iranian penchant for both devotion to religion and partying. She is currently writing a family memoir about Iran, to be published in 2009 by Bloomsbury and working on a cross-media project to commemorate the Iran-Iraq war. In the past she has written guide books and edited glossy magazines.

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