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How Not to Encourage Democracy in Iran

There is news of a fifth American-Iranian possibly detained by the Iranian authorities today, and the UK’s Financial Times ran a story a few days ago on the nervousness with which Iranians who have grown up in the West and have links with America are living at the moment in Tehran.   The American government […]

Hell is for Children.

View the image here. When I was a child, I often wondered how it could be that God created Hell? If God loves us more than a mother loves a child – then how could he let anyone enter Hell? The picture is an AP picture that I stumbled upon on Arabisto.com a few days […]

The Plight of the Arab Women’s Movement

In the not-so-distant past, I had a little argument with a good friend of mine over the use of the word “feminism”. Although there isn’t a clear-cut definition of what being a feminist entails, I openly define myself of such, much to the chagrin of my conservative family. It’s actually pretty funny; despite the lack […]

I See… Naked People!

Enter high pitched eerie music. Lights dim, and the sound of a small rodent scurries across the floor. Shadows abound, and a radiator steams along a long narrow hall. From an open door, a naked foot appears into view. The naked foot leads to a naked thigh, which is leading to a saggy naked ass […]

Films, films and films – I dream of films.

Monday morning, on another weekly flight from Dallas to Chattanooga. I’m working as a project manager with BearingPoint for a client who’s trying to get a new healthcare site up for July – I’ve been in Chattanooga every week since January this year. Client’s great to work with – actually one of the best client’s […]

Growing up Arab (Part II) – Some of the Pitfalls of Being an Arab-American Male

The Pitfalls of Being an Arab-American Male   As an Arab-American woman fighting to find a suitable balance between two cultures that inevitably clash, it’s difficult to lend an empathetic ear to my male counterparts. In fact, it’s easier at times to fixate and (perhaps) exaggerate the role they play in making that quest nearly […]

Death of a Bigot — Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell just died … and I’m not sure how to react.   I should be overjoyed, yet I’m still calm about the whole story. Maybe it’s the surprise of it all. Maybe it has yet to settle in.   I mean we are talking about Jerry Falwell here, the head of the so-called “Moral Majority,” the leading […]

‘Please don’t chop us up…’

On May 3, the Iranian website Baztab reported: “Forty days after the arrest of the British sailors, an informed source has disclosed the unsaid about the incident to Baztab. The informed source said: When the British sailors were arrested; there were no translator in the first group of Iranian captors. The British sailors, however, kept […]

Growing Up Arab: Some of The Pitfalls of Being an Arab-American Woman

The recent massacre at Virginia Tech called to a light a number of pertinent societal issues that mostly get tossed into the news after moments of crisis. Beyond the talk of gun reform, school security and mental health issues on campus, the recent tragedy also called to light the problems faced by Generation 1.5 – […]

Icarus and The Filmmaker

If I were displayed by one foot to the right of where I’m sitting now, the winds violently tearing past at several hundred miles an hour, would surely kill me. I’d be engulfed by droplets of water freezing that form a vaporous clouds, the temperature would be near freezing, and I’d have trouble breathing in […]

Holy Runway … Heidi Klum in a Hijab

Someone sent a note to the Arab NY list, a local information email list I belong to, looking for “Muslim Fashion Designer” to participate in the next season of “Project Runway”.   For those of you not familiar with the popular cable show on Bravo, Project Runway is a competition that pits fashion designer against each other with weekly […]

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