Bird Flu Far from Shubra

A 15 year old girl in Shubra was just treated for avian flu. Shubra is a district in Cairo where some of my relatives live. I am going to visit them in May so remind me not to handle any domestic fowl while I'm there. Which is too bad, I was really looking forward to some chicken chasing.


I love the file photo they have for the article. A girl gets birdflu in Cairo, and they show an image of some children playing in front of a beat up shack off Austrailia's east coast.


Yeah, I see the correlation. Were the people in charge of article photos trying to leave for the day?


"These people are brown and look like they play with chickens. Just post it and lets go, it's 20 cent wings tonight."


Cairo looks nothing like that!


They couldn't find a picture of the city, or a chicken or a pyramid or something? They just found a picture of poverty and went with it.

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