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Open the dialogue with Syria and Iran

I, Muhammad Ali Hasan, am a very proud Republican and champion of the Bush Administration. My reasons for praising President Bush so much are based upon his great work within the War on Terror. It was the Clinton Administration that sanctioned almost the entire Muslim World, alienating us from countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Sudan, […]

Little Blue Envelopes: A Lifeline. A Promise.

The envelope is navy blue, measuring 12 inches by 6 inches. The flap openings join in the middle and are sealed with a circular silver sticker. A logo is printed on the sticker with the letters I,R,W. Every couple of months, thousands of these blue envelopes leave from Buena Park in California bound for homes […]

Riding Chicago in the JamatMobile with Moses.

“You look like Moses!” My friend Wajahat considers that to be one of the best compliments he’s ever gotten, alongside with “You look like Jesus!” Both comments from kids. Ah, the naiveté and honesty of children – God bless them. Wajahat drove me around town while I was in Chicago, attending the Greg Mortenson fundraiser. […]

Can we be civilized in divorce?

Marhaba to all. This is my first post to Arabisto and I’m really glad to be a part of this online community. Thank you Nadia for inviting me to join!   It’s hard to choose a topic to start with. The most interesting quote I heard this week was from my friend Ms. Manal Radwan. […]

Working while Arab

The Arab American News has an interesting profile on Egyptian-American TV director Asaad Kelada, who has undoubtedly left an imprint on the lives of many in America and around the world.   What stood out to me what that this was a man involved in the arts. While speaking with Belly’s publicist before interviewing him, […]

Dubya vs. Seung-Hui Cho: The Greater Menace?

Officials in West Virginia are taking heavy flak for their failure to act on early warnings that South Korean Seung-Hui Cho, who massacred 32 students and teachers at Virginia Tech, was a seriously disturbed menace to his community   How then to judge the United States Congress which continues to ignore overwhelming evidence that George […]

What are we focused on?

I really wish NBC hadn’t aired those videos and picutres of Cho. They shouldn’t have done that. He basically looks like an action hero. It glorifies him and I think gives incentive to copycat criminals. Even Cho referred back to “the martyrs of Columbine.” Stop giving him press, especially when the press is pictures of him in movie like poses with […]

Al Jazeera English on You Tube

Brilliant… Brilliant…  Brilliant   The digital team at Al Jazeera has figured out yet another way to bypass the silly lock-out that US cable companies have imposed on them.  The global network has launched a channel on You Tube, the leading online video destination. And unlike their other online partnerships, this one is completely free. […]

Arabs, identity and the media

One of my clients, one of the more high-profile people I represent, is of partial Arab extraction. Since I began representing her, we’ve run into road-blocks when discussing her ethnic background. Many in the media refuse to acknowledge it. Our theory is that having her be widely known as an Arab American would turn the […]

Bird Flu Far from Shubra

A 15 year old girl in Shubra was just treated for avian flu. Shubra is a district in Cairo where some of my relatives live. I am going to visit them in May so remind me not to handle any domestic fowl while I’m there. Which is too bad, I was really looking forward to […]


On April 5th, there was a moving ceremony at the State Department. Assistant Secretary Barry Lowenkron presented—as mandated by the U.S. Congress—the fifth annual Supporting Human Rights and Democracy Report, which, said the secretary, “ documents the many ways the United States worked worldwide last year to foster respect for human rights and promote democratic […]

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