A Phone Call A Day…

I just got off the phone with my father. He calls me every evening at 7:30pm sharp. He's very reliable like that. Every evening, as soon as Everybody Loves Raymond ends, my phone rings.


My friends think it's weird.


"Your dad calls you EVERY DAY?"




And a once a day phone call can get pretty redundant.


I just don't have that kind of news to report. Often times nothing extraordinary happens to me, so is it necessary to have a daily phone call? We have the exact same conversation every time, and not only that, he has this way of asking a million of the same questions...RIGHT before I'm about to hang up.


"Be safe. The name of the game is to be safe. Do you know what I mean?"


"Yes I know what you mean, I will."


"Don't walk alone, don't take the subway at night."


"I know dad." "I only have one of you."


"I know dad."


"Ok Maria"


"Ok dad, I'll talk to you later. I love you."


"I love you too."


"By-" "Hey, how's your money situation?"


"What? It's fine dad."


"Are you sure? Did you pay off your credit card in time?"


"Yes dad."


"Ok I'm just making sure, it's very important to pay them off on time."


"I know dad." "Ok Maria, bye bye."


"Bye love y-."


"How's your job? Are you still looking for a new one? You can't be a receptionist forever."


"(sigh) I'm not going to be a receptionist forever, I'm going to be a comedian."


"Ok but seriously, maybe you can find something in your field. You went to college, remember?"


"Barely... hahaha "


"What?" "Nothing, I'm kidding."


"Ok Maria, you should start looking for a new job."


"Sure, dad, bye."


"Buy.. the Sunday Times, look online..."


"I know how to look for a job, dad!"


"Is your resume up to date?"


"It's up to date!"


"Ok I just want to make sure you're ok!"


"I'm ok!"


"Ok be safe."


"I will! Bye."



As irritated as I get though, I know he just misses and cares about me. And I admit, if he finally said "Ok Maria, I get it, you don't have anything to say, call me when you do."

I'd call him every day.

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